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Chicago Grabs the Spotlight for Bartender Spirits Awards 2024

Photo for: Chicago Grabs the Spotlight for Bartender Spirits Awards 2024

21/12/2023 Bartender Spirits Awards 2024 moves from San Francisco and gets a new ground in Chicago.

Hold on to your cocktail shakers because the Bartender Spirits Awards is all set on a thrilling journey in 2024, swapping the scenic backdrop of San Francisco for the vibrant city of Chicago!

According to the CEO—Sid Patel, this change is not just about the location of the 2024 Bartender Spirits Awards; it's a big step forward for the spirits industry in the U.S. Chicago's vibrant culinary scene perfectly matches the spirit of BSA, offering a fantastic experience for spirits professionals and businesses.

Why Chicago?

Well, while San Francisco hosted the event before, Chicago is now in the spotlight. Chicago's diverse flavors and lively spirits culture make it an ideal canvas for showcasing excellence and innovation in the world of exceptional spirits.

They claim to understand this and thus, aim to offer a stage where your spirits take the spotlight, where your drinks are evaluated and celebrated by top mixology experts—bartenders, bar managers, and off-premise experts who know their spirits. And thus, winning a BSA medal isn't just an acknowledgment; it's like getting a golden ticket to be featured in top bars.

What makes the 2024 BSA special?

In addition to their new home in Chicago, they express genuine excitement to have leading spirits experts from all over the U.S evaluate the participated drinks brand. These brands will receive careful judgment from some of the most prominent names in the U.S. bar scene. Taste, packaging, and price aren't merely checkboxes; they are the criteria that determine which spirits deserve recognition. Spirits earning Double Gold, Gold, Silver, and Bronze will help brands secure a spot on the shelves of the trendiest bars across the nation.

Get the VIP pass to exclusive off-premises channels. Clearly, winning spirits won't just sit on a shelf; they'll also be featured in the Bartenders Spirits Top 100 Spirits Guide, a guidebook revered by thousands of bartenders across the U.S. since years now.

Get ready for exciting updates, behind-the-scenes looks, and conversations with the top figures in the spirits industry. The stage is set, the spirits are ready, and Chicago—their new playground is waiting to be the center of new and innovative spirits' success story.


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