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The World's Best Bars - What, Where & Why

Photo for: The World's Best Bars - What, Where & Why

25/07/2019 Take a glimpse into the world of bars, what makes them the best and why.

The bar culture has been a successful one for as long as we can recall. Every year, The World’s 50 Best Bars curates a list of the “best” bars around the world, based on the opinions of over 500 drink experts, who cast seven votes each for a final list to be put out. 

Here’s a rundown of the top 10 best bars around the world and why they are known to be the best.

1. Lyaness, London

Dandelyan, London

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Previously known as the Dandelyan

Meeting the requirements to be the best is one thing, but Lyaness jumps two steps higher and offers the experience and menu which is exceptional. Located in the Mondrian Hotel (now known as the Sea Containers), London, this bar is number one on the list. 

With its pink, green and gold decor, the bar derives a relaxed yet intelligent feel to it, serving cocktails that definitely get your brain working a bit. Pioneering bartenders Ryan Chetiyawardana and Iain Griffiths provide a luxury yet accessible feel to the bar. 

It's avant-garde “Modern Life of Plants” menu is what makes it differ from the regular bar at the end of your street -- it adapts the life of plants and animals in life in their food systems, turning them into liquid form. Sustainability is also a key factor in Dandelyan, that once again helps it make it to the top of the list.

2. American Bar, London

American Bar, London

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Located in the Savoy Hotel, London, American Bar takes second place on the list. With almost over 130 years of serving, it’s the “to be” place for mixed drinks, and has rightfully earned its status. The cocktails are inspired by Terry O’Neil’s photography, with each cocktail grabbing inspiration from separate photos, showing off the expert calibre of the bar and presenting the old-time bar as a golden example of “it gets better with age”.  The blend of art and liquor is what makes the American Bar a unique and a bucket list place to be at. 

3. Manhattan, Singapore

Manhattan, Singapore

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Manhattan’s enchantment starts from the entrance itself. The regal walkway to the bar and the Chesterfield armchairs greeting the guests give out an inviting feel for everyone to appreciate the glorious interiors. 

Located at the Regent, they offer an impeccable blend of American-style service and innovation in both their cocktails and interiors. Manhattan offers a wide range of Whiskey, with over 200 exceptional bourbons, craft whiskeys, and ryes. The main attraction behind the bar is the “rickhouse” which is custom-built to hold over 100 small casks, that contain different cocktails each, which are left to age and explore into their own exquisite flavors. The main cocktail menu is thoughtfully arranged in a historic journey of the world of cocktails, with their own twists, along with food pairings and distinctive flavors from the past, that gives the Manhattan it’s charm and chic style.

4. The NoMad, New York

The NoMad, New York

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Set in Midtown in the city that never sleeps, NoMad bar is located in the NoMad hotel, New York. It’s famously known for its twist in a classic bar menu by offering a plethora of exotic spirits and ingredients. But the cocktail menu isn’t the main attraction. The entrance is inspired by ancient taverns, with a theme of golds, greens and dark woods, making it an aphrodisiac for many. The bar then delves into a more cerebral, library-like feel, with top to bottom bookshelves and leather upholstery. The main bar is a large arch, with a contemporary modern feel to it, adding a pop of green once again with the booths. Along with the flavorsome cocktails and sultry interiors, the NoMad is also known for its exceptional hospitality, putting the bar on the map.

5. Connaught Bar, London

Connaught Bar, London

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Innovative, yet classic. That’s the best way to describe the Connaught Bar. It upholds simple, timeless, marble interiors and is said to serve one of the best Martinis in the world. Connaught is also known to mix and match cocktails, adding a personal touch to their menu with drinks such as a gin, genever and sherry cocktail, served in an aesthetic marble flask for the millennial feel, making it a spot for everyone around the area of Mayfair, and others who come all the way just for a drink at the Connaught.

6. Bar Termini, London

Bar Termini, London

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Putting London on the map more than it already is, Bar Termini on Old Compton Street grabs its spot in The World’s 50 Best Bars for the third year in a row. Taking its inspiration from Rome Termini’s station bar, it’s an all-day affair of cocktails and coffee, everyone’s favorite pick me ups. Drinks aside, Bar Termini also offers an array of classic crafted Italian sandwiches and exquisite charcuterie. This pocket-sized bar expands its charm when it goes from day to night and transforms into a classic Italian bar with some exceptional Negronis. The extraordinaire element here is the potions and concoctions which are made in their own, separate lab, famously known as the Drink Factory.

7. The Clumsies, Athens

The Clumsies, Athens

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With a mix of coffee, food and flavorsome cocktails, this three-storied bar based in Athens is the ideal spot for socializing. An all-day affair with feet moving in and out constantly, The Clumsies is the spot to be in the city of Athens, where both locals and tourists are loyal to their mouth-watering delicacies.

8. Atlas, Singapore

Atlas, Singapore

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A 7400 sq ft Art Deco attraction, furnished in marble, velvet, copper, and gold, Atlas gives a feel of New Orleans in Singapore. However, the main attraction of this bar is a gin tower which encases around an 1100 bottle collection. The bar also holds one of the rarest whiskey and gin collections dating back to the 1900s, and an over the top champagne collection, both new world and old world. Atlas also provides cuisine from chefs who have worked at the Fat Duck, Alinea and Narisawa, it is the perfect place to satisfy your tastebuds for both dining and drinking.

9. Dante, New York

Dante, New York

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Dante takes its inspiration from the Italian cafe that it used to be over a hundred years ago. Staying true to its roots, this registered landmark in New York serves the best of the best from refined Italian food, to aperitivos, and other Italian classics. The cocktails are also focused on Italian flavors, and a famous one is Garibaldi with Campari and “fluffy” orange juice, making it an all-day drink and one of Dante’s signatures. 

10. The Old Man, Hong Kong

The Old Man, Hong Kong

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Newly opened, about a year in works, The Old Man stays true to its name and takes inspiration from Ernest Hemingway and his adoration for a good cocktail. The cocktails are each carefully named after Hemingway’s honored works and flavors are also blended in based on known favorites of the writer such as Capra fat-washed applejack and bamboo sous-vide Americano Bianco. Not only the cocktails, but the interiors are also inspired by his work and remains of the building. The comfortable and living-room-like atmosphere is perfect to unwind and enjoy the Hemingway way of relaxing. 

What’s next on your bucket list? Check out all the top 50 bars here.

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