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How To Make a Profitable Beverage List For Your Restaurant?

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28/07/2022 Creating the prime beverage list is a profitable way to bring success to a restaurant. Read on to know the tips to create the best beverage list!

There is little doubt that bartending and menu creation are essentially creative activities. But the secret to creating the ideal menu is to strike the right balance between innovation and focusing on the future of business. Good drinks can boost your bar's bottom line and free you up to develop more of your "off the wall" menu items.


The beverage menu may help you improve your profitability but also help you create a great customer experience since it is one of the first things your customers see when they sit in your establishment.

When designing a beverage menu, there are many things to remember. Here is a list for creating a successful beverage menu, whether you're starting from scratch or updating your current menu:

Separate the beverage menu from the food menu

Having a beverage list is the first step in making the ideal beverage list. You risk having a cluttered and perplexing menu if you merge your food and beverage menus into one. By keeping it apart, you can maintain it tidy.

It will seem cleaner and encourage customers to spend more time perusing the beverage list if you separate your food and beverage menus. It reduces ambiguity and motivates clients to linger over the drinks for longer.

Take your customer profile into consideration


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Your audience's customers should be drawn to your beverage offer. The event where drinking occurs, who attends, and drinks are all crucial factors.

You can perform menu planning from your POS to obtain a product mix analysis showing which products sell and which categories require more attention. You can change the product diversity trail per this sale and highlight your top-selling beverages and cochleas.

Distract attention from the costs

Making the prices an afterthought is one of the essential components of an excellent beverage list. Customers should choose their drinks depending on which sounds the most enticing, not whether one is the cheapest.

It is usual to see dotted lines connecting the beverage price to the menu item, although this does nothing more than prompt people to double-check the pricing before choosing. You can perform a handful of these things to divert attention. Do not include the dotted lines; remove the currency symbol, and make the pricing in a lighter, smaller typeface.

Create an exclusive beverage menu

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For many establishments, it is best to provide a different beer, wine, and cocktail menu. A discrete beverages menu is more useful and does a better job showcasing your selections than a lengthy, packed menu. Large menus make it challenging to decide, resulting in clients accidentally spilling their beverages or knocking them over. Additionally, adding too much text to a menu might quickly drown out your visitors and make it challenging for them to decide which drink to order.

Maintain an updated menu

Make sure to add the most recent Trend products and cocktail specials and to eliminate any items that are out-of-date or lacking matriarchs. Make sure you will be dusted in the warehouse if you purchased a new beer or wine type that is not listed on the menu. Consider seasonality as well. Consider your options carefully before serving hot chocolate, schlep, or cold margaritas in January if your organization is in a seasonal area. You'll need to update some drink menus as the seasons change.

Make sure to include beverage descriptions

For each product, include a succinct but compelling description to aid customer decision-making and promote particular drinks. Make sure to specify each cocktail's ingredients.

Describe the beverage's flavor, components, and history if you wish to move on to the dead. To effectively market your drinks, use adjectives that sell, such as "fresh," "flower," "salty," "handmade," "hard," and "soft." While thorough explanations are beneficial, lengthy descriptions may appear ambitious and irritate your clients. Finding a balance is crucial.

Pick original cocktail names

Names for cocktails shouldn't be thought of later. "The name accounts for more than half the reason for choosing a specific cocktail," claim experts for Celebrity Cocktails. Be imaginative even if there is no magic formula for selecting a successful name. Consider using quotations, wordplay, literary allusions, regional folklore, trendy words, and seasonal vocabulary.

Source: Pixabay

Format beverage prices strategically.

First, include the cost of your drinks on your menu. Experts claim that individuals are hesitant to purchase many cocktails when the cost is not listed on the menu.

Don't leave your rates at other indications is another helpful hint. Type decimal numbers, and if there are any indications, the consumer will only look at the price. Prices written with a penny will be read as lower than the top price. Further, it is a good idea to refrain from using dotted lines when entering prices up to the afternoon price.

Remove the calorie counts from the menu

Although it's not a bad idea to be against health awareness, stating the calories in each drink might get in the way of a good time with friends. According to various marketing research firms, fifty-eight percent of customers, especially those who drink alcohol, don't want to see calories indicated for women. Instead, you may create a section for low-calorie foods and compile a special list there.

Include beverage origins

The sale will be easier if you emphasize the local production of beer, wine, or other beverages. People enjoy supporting local companies, particularly the locals, and visiting delicacies from that area. Additionally, some alcoholic beverages, like wine, have higher prices if produced in specific areas. You can see that anyone wanting to pay extra will do so if they know that the customer is from a California wine, a German wine, or a Belgian wine.

Incorporate shrewdly more profitable drinks into your menus

Customers frequently start by scanning the menu's upper right corner. From this point on, the menu's first and last few items draw the most attention. To sell your most profitable beverage goods and draw customers in, strategically place the right products. The more you capture their interest, the more likely they will buy.

Highlight high profitable items visually

Create areas around extremely lucrative goods by putting them in a box or separating them from other menu options to make them stand out more. By leaving negative space all around an object and focusing more attention on it, it is easier to sell that item. You can use huge text, pictures, or drawings for a similar impact.

Think carefully before choosing which menu items to emphasize. It will have less the more you do it. Choose a few drinks from each category to maintain the strategy's effectiveness.


There are many obstacles to overcome and chances to increase your venue's profitability on the beverage side of your hospitality business.

Profitability and sales growth are two components of the puzzle. A focused effort must be made to lower expenses and increase revenues to build your beverage menu. Remember that the objective is to sell a product and that this may be the most important "real estate" that your buyers will see. Customers want descriptions of the items on the menus they are ordering, so avoid using them.

Manage expenditures and boost sales to make sure your beverage menu is profitable. The things you provide and market to your clients and your potential to boost sales and raise your profitability can all be impacted by improving these areas. Your beverage menu might become more than an extra if you do this correctly.

Article by Ananya Bhattacharjee, Beverage Trade Network

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